Cinematography Rates

promotional short

$350, 1 hour, 30-60 second video 

(+$50/hr after initial)  


$500, 2 hours, 2-3 minute video 

5 bts photos - ig video gif

(+$50/hr after 2) 

mini documentary

$800, 5 hours, 5-10 minute video

10 bts photos - ig video gif

60-90 second promotional video

(+$50/hr after 10) 

Terms of Agreement 

In consideration of the client the following conditions are agreed upon by both parties:

-All sessions have an established base fee (flat rate) for one hour, any
additional time will be charged at $50 an hour.

-Jamie Cheyenne (The Photographer) is the sole proprietor of the works created.

-The client hereby grants Jamie Cheyenne the copyrights to all images/videos taken, the permission to use images/videos for personal use, To include but not limited to:
Online Portfolios, Ads, Social Media, Promotional Use

-Chystudios honors every investment our clients make, if a client is unable to follow through with a scheduled, appointment within 90 days, the client will receive a refund of any payment made outside of the non-refundable $75 initial deposit.



Photography Rates

hourly session

$250, 1 hour, 25 edited Images

(+$50/hr after initial)  

half day

$800, 4 hours, 50-75 edited Images - 5 bts photos - ig video gif

(+$50/hr after 4)  

full day

$1500, 8 hours, 150 edited Images - 15 bts photos - ig video gif

bts (30-60sec) video - all the unedited photos

(+$50/hr after 8)  






Deposit Required

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required in order to confirm your services will be rendered 


Images will be delivered through

Please save all images to your computer or external hard drive. You will have 48 hours to retrieve your photos once final edits are complete.

After that time the photos will be deleted**