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"I like friends who have independent minds because they help you to see from all angels"

- Nelson Mandela



Featured artist of the week

LONG LIVE TRAPP HOUSE JAZZ, THIS PIONEER OF sound has created a wave all his own. virginia native masego says is changing the face of jazz to expand upon the culture of hip hop and techno with an uptempo mixture of all three. having toured the globe masgeo says he favored South Africa the most (smart man)  

B r y s o n  T i l l e r

A new age of R&B and Hip-Hop fusion has created a platform for creatives like Bryson Tiller. With his melodic beats and upbeat rap style, he has earned his place in the Billboards number one spot with his latest collaboration with DJ Khaled and Rihanna. I was fortunate to witness this young legend perform in Los Angeles during the BET Awards 2017. 

G o l d  L i n k

FROM DC to the world

Music is motivation for ideas, the soundtrack to this DMV native has a beat that is uniquely tailored. Gold Link has an exception style and a lyrical ability to bring all walks of life together. I was honored to witness his infectiously energized performance at the 30th year anniversary of Urban Outfitters in New York City.

L a o l u   N Y C

From recent features on hit tv series "Empire" to having worked with legendary artists like Beyonce, this painter/musician is dominating every field he touches with his innovative method of design, Laolu NYC is making a huge imprint on the way we see the world around us!

F a y e s    C l o s e t

This is just another prime example of the the untapped talents of the DMV, this self taught couture fashion designer's pieces photographed by Jabari Jacops.

4 L e a d e r s 

the cutting edge active wear brand "4Leaders" is much more than a clothing line, but a personal statement to society that you mean business. You are defined as someone in authority with each statement piece. This show was a true representation of all people, diversity is an important goal in representing the real supporters of the industry which is....everyone!